Good morning Dover family!! I pray you were as blessed as I was worshipping together in the Lord’s house yesterday. How exciting it was to see two young men make public their profession of faith of Christ Jesus as their Lord! And choir you are getting better and better!
Thank you to those who showed up early to pray last night for revival and the national elections. Please continue to pray! Little prayer, little power; more prayer, more power; much prayer, much power. It was such an encouragement to hear about OHOP last night and how God is using Dan and Linda in such significant ways in our veterans and their families lives.
We will have a very special Sunday morning service next week honoring veterans. Vets please come dressed in your uniforms as able. Then next Sunday PM we are going to be sharing our Thanksgiving dinner together and partaking of the Lord’s supper! Tami and I can’t wait to fellowship and worship with you!
We have many opportunities to visit guests tonight at FAITH as there are only two weeks left in this semester. Look forward to seeing you there and thank you to those who undergird these eternity changing visits with prayer. Tami and I love you and we love worshiping and serving the Lord with you. Pastor Rob