This was another “abundantly more than you could ask or think week” from the Lord. As I sit in a hotel near the airport soon to leave Guatemala and our adopted village of Rio Arriba my heart is full of thanksgiving for all that God has done and is doing!!! I hope you have seen and enjoyed the pictures and videos that have been posted each day and that is has reminded you to pray!

SO: 1) clean life sustaining water in the village after almost 20 years without any clean water and this water tied to THE ONE who gives water where you never thirst again! JN 4:13…. ACCOMPLISHED and the life change beyond words!
2) playground for the children in the village at the school! ACCOMPLISHED and well worn already!
3) 7 new individual bathroom stalls with toilets and running water…ACCOMPLISHED and deeply appreciated!

We dedicated these three projects in a very special ceremony yesterday afternoon! And all of these hands and feet of Jesus projects tied directly to the eternity changing life saving gospel of our Lord Jesus!!!!!!

THANK YOU DOVER FAMILY, Hope of Life, and World Help (especially our extended family member Donna Faircloth) !!!!!! Partnering in the gospel is biblical and AWESOME!

The village of Rio Arriba cried as we left and the tears were reciprocated by their American friends. God allowed us to visit the vast majority of homes in our village and leave behind a photogragh in their home after the visits. We visited village homes in the morning and did a vacation Bible school and women’s Bible study each afternoon. The vacation Bible school and women’s Bible study were after school hours but they were packed! The women had quotas of cigars they had to make so they worked long extra hours and still made the afternoon women’s studies. YEAH JESUS!!!!!The gospel was presented on many occasions and we saw MANY receptive hearts. The women of the village waited a couple of hours outside the gate of the school the last day with many newborns in the hot sun in order to get in. When a person from the ministry we are working with, Hope of Life, who had not been there earlier in the week, asked the ladies why they were waiting they answered in Spanish…”we came back to pray and study the Bible.” He asked what they had done the other days and they said we did the same. He was amazed!

Please continue to pray for the salvation of the 750 people of Rio Arriba. Yesterday afternoon we met with the the school leadership, village president, and 2 pastors from the village to learn more about the village and how we can more effectively be the hands and feet of Jesus in this isolated mountain village which is much like a world unto itself.

The village children were MORE than awesome. Many of them escorted us to the homes of the village and these beautiful children stole our hearts. The team from Dover was BEYOND fabulous and you have reason be very proud. NOT ONE ISSUE OF ANY KIND! Just a well coordinated prayed up, trusting God, family of servants up for any assignment as many times as it changed….and it did change sometimes hourly. We were all saddened that Mike and Nina had to return a early but they had great impact in the time they were with us and we felt their continued prayers. The Dover family is out in one more day of ministry today while Billy and Derick visiting the jungle where the indigenous Mayan people live to see what kind of ministry we may be able to do to eternally and practically to help this people group that Jesus loves!