Good Monday am Dover family! Please continue to spend time reading and memorizing the five verses of Psalm 15 (GENUINE INTEGRITY) as we ask God to build into us in greater measure the marks of genuine Godliness. We started this series yesterday morning so if you were not able to be there, I encourage you to listen on the website or the church app.

We had an awesome God filled time Saturday am praying for revival in our selves and in this country. THANK YOU for you who made the extra effort to be there and for some who joined us even though they were away. Please continue to pray for our upcoming elections both locally and nationally.

AND WHAT ABOUT THAT GROWING CHOIR!! What a blessing the music was yesterday. See you tonight at FAITH. We again have some new guests to visit. Tami and I love you and we love serving Jesus with you. May Jesus be central in all we do this week. Pastor Rob