The passage today, Isaiah 30, puts several truths out there for us. Here
are some somewhat random thoughts on that passage.
Verses 1-6
Israel sold her soul to Egypt for military deliverance from invasion.
They loaded all their donkeys and camels with their gold and silver to
present to Egypt but received nothing in return. They went “all in” and
lost the hand. All the while God was waiting for them to call on Him.
How many times have you made God your last choice and not your
When you are out of fellowship with God, hearing about God or hearing
from God is the last thing you want to do.
Verse 13
Their iniquity will cause them to fall and they will be broken into pieces.
God is looking for obedience. The times that trouble our soul are not
the times when we are unsure what God would have us do, but rather,
knowing what he wants and disobeying.
Disobedience is never accidental. That’s why God takes it with such
Verse 15
Repentance, rest, quietness and truth God would have given but, “you
were not willing.”
When it comes to our relationship with the Lord “not willing” should
never be in our heart or vocabulary.
God will do amazing things with anyone who is “willing”. But He can
do nothing with or for those “not willing.”
What have you missed from God because you were “not willing”?
Verses 16-17
There is no escape from God’s chastening. God will chasten, but how
will you respond?
Be Blessed,
Bro. Benny