In Hosea 10:13, Hosea gives Israel an appeal from God’s own
heart… “break up your fallow ground”.

Not being farmers we often miss the powerful punch that verse
carries. “Fallow” ground has to do with farming. It is ground that
was once cultivated in the past but for some reason the farmer has
allowed it to remain unplowed and uncultivated during the present
growing season. The ground has now become hardened and will
no longer be productive until or unless it is plowed (broken up)

God was sowing seeds of righteousness and mercy on Israel but it
just lay on the fallow ground never producing what God intended.
But there was hope. “You break up your fallow ground”; you
prepare the soil of your heart, “for it is time to seek the Lord.”
What part of your spiritual life has become fallow because you
have not prepared yourself to seek the Lord? What unconfessed
sin has brought hardness to your heart? Ever wonder why some
people can be in church for years and it never seems to change
them for the better? They have allowed the ground to become

It takes work, discipline and motivation to plow the ground of
your life. It is not easy and it is always uncomfortable. Perhaps
Jesus had this verse in mind when He gave the parable of the soils
in Matthew 13.

God is ready to sow and give a harvest but there is something you
must do–plow the fallow ground. Nothing in your life will change
until this is done. Please get this: Nothing in your life will change
until you break up your fallow ground. God is ready, but He is
waiting on you. The next step is yours.

Dig Deep,
Bro. Benny